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Our first volume of writing, Est: Collected Reports from East Anglia, is available to buy online and in independent bookshops. See our ‘Shop and Stockists’ page for details.

‘Strange, reflective, memorable and odd as the region itself’
Libby Purves, Country Life

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A journey through the landscapes of East Anglia, Est is a unique collection of prose, poetry and reportage that spans the Wash to the Thames and the Fens to the German Sea. Contributors include the poet and musician Martin Newell, cult author David Southwell, artist Luke Elwes, naturalist Darren Tansley and poet Wendy Mulford. The texts merge psychogeography, social history, personal memoir and travel writing with discourses on local fable, art, archaeology and conservation. The collection explores the salt marshes and creeks, the sand and shingle beaches, the remains of Roman and Anglo-Saxon dwellings, the giant skies, interior geographies and, perhaps most of all, human histories, to paint an enigmatic picture of East Anglia today – while referencing more than 260 places in the region.

Ella Johnston of Dunlin Press, said: “Most of the contributions to Est came through an open submissions process and we couldn’t be happier with both the quality and range of writing that came in. Est includes reports from artists, archaeologists, journalists and more. Norfolk is more than the Broads, Suffolk more than Aldeburgh and Southwold, and Essex more than a reality TV programme. The reports in Est combine to produce a more truthful mapping of the region. It’s a real time capsule of people’s experience of East Anglia today.”

Martin Bewick of Dunlin Press, commented: “Est will appeal to readers who enjoy nature and landscape writing, and those who enjoy reading about the history of the region, but dig down through the specifics of the reports and what connects them is a deep understanding about the passage of time. There is a magical, almost elegaic quality to the writing here that broadens out the local themes to connect with some universal truths. It’s quite an honour to be able to bring them all together into this unique collection.”

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For more information about the book, press requests and sales and distribution information, please email Dunlin Press via this website’s contacts page. For the latest updates, find us on twitter @dunlinpress.

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