This sky has plans for the future…

Hythe sky train

Is it autumn already?

The Dunlins have been quiet, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy.

Over the summer we accepted submissions for our next book, which will essentially be a collection about wading birds, shore birds – call them what you will – and migration. The book will feature some beautiful illustration from our very own Ella Johnston, as well as a mix of writing – some journalism, some nature and landscape writing, and a handful of poems. And there will be a few surprises too. We’ve got some great writers that we’ll reveal in due course. We’re getting excited about it. Really excited.

The contributors have all been contacted and we’re now scurrying around putting the finishing touches to the extra words that will (loosely) stitch the narrative of the book together. We’ll go to print after Christmas, as we did with Est at the start of this year – and publish in the spring.

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping you up to date with developments, so stay tuned – and follow us on @twitter if you’re feeling social. We’re at @dunlinpress.

By for now!

Who’s in our little black book?

Black Book

It might just look like a slightly blurry phone photo of a Leuchtterm 1917 notebook, but inside our little black book are the names of all the contributors who have successfully made it into Est, or upcoming volume of reports from East Anglia. They know. We know. But you don’t know – unless our dossier here is as leaky as a Whitehall briefing system.

In any case, we’ll be revealing all the names via Twitter over the coming few weeks, so do follow us on @dunlinpress – it’s all getting rather exciting.

Ella and Martin x

A postcard from Westleton


There we were, on a sunny morning sat by the pond at Westleton, waiting for Bob’s remarkable book shop to open (look here and be amazed), and apologising to the lame duck that had just hiked up the bank to greet us and quack for some food (sorry, we had none).

And there it was: suddenly, there was just one month left open for the submissions to Est, our collection of writing from and about East Anglia. Yes, the submissions period closes at the end of July.

June has been good to us. We’ve had a number of submissions sent in from established and emerging writers – insightful and entertaining stuff, with some strong prose and poetry. There is still room for a few more passengers on the, er, Dunlin Bus that’s heading (oh dear) all the way round East Anglia, however. So, if you have some good writing that you think suitable for our foray into the psychogeography of the region, get in touch. See our ‘submissions’ page for more details.

At the end of this month, the real work for us will begin: sorting through the submissions and plotting our course. We’ll have more news soon – oh, and do follow us on Twitter (@dunlinpress) and check out our other ‘social’ outlets for updates and inspiration (See our ‘contact’ page).

If you have already sent something in, thank you so much. If you’ve yet to, well, the summer won’t wait for ever…

Ella and Martin