Dunlin Press is a not for profit small, independent publisher and art collective. Founded by us, poet MW Bewick and artist Ella Johnston, Dunlin Press is an expression of the our creative vision, cultural outlook and aesthetic sensibilities. It also mines the our 20-plus years’ ‘day job’ experience in commercial editorial and story-telling. 

Just as dunlin birds operate in groups, we also like to collaborate with others. So, while Dunlin Press is a vehicle for our own projects, we reach out to people whose work interests and delights us. 

Our focus is work that, for various reasons, might prove difficult to place with more established or commercial publishers. We publish works of fiction and non-fiction, poetry, photo-essays, illustration and more. 

If you have an idea that you think would interest and delight us please get in touch.  You can email us at

We have also recently opened a small studio where we can sell our books and also expand our practice with installations and exhibitions to support our publications. 

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