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New Launch: Priced Out by Tinsel Edwards


Dismaland artist Tinsel Edwards’ debut book, Priced Out launches on Thursday 3 August 2017 at the Atom Gallery, London.

Priced Out is a personal and powerful look at the declining state of housing in the capital through the eyes of an artist. It traces the high rises in cost of rented accommodation, the spiraling property prices, and skewers the reasons why artists, who contribute – like so many others – so much to the character, wellbeing and uniqueness of London life, are being priced out of the city.

Limited edition copies of the book will be available to buy at the launch. A set of postcards featuring Tinsel’s artwork will also be sold to raise money to help people in need after the Grenfell Tower fire.

Find out more here.


Also from Dunlin Press


A book of poetry by MW Bewick

MW Bewick Scarecrow

Order Scarecrow here

Cover Image LO RES

The Migrant Waders

A lovingly illustrated book that connects the migrations of some of Britain’s favourite shore birds with human history.

A beautiful collection of evocative prose, poetry and reportage, The Migrant Waders follows the migration routes of wading and shore birds from the high arctic to the tropics, to discover some of the many possible histories of the people and places that exist where the birds make their temporary homes. Featuring 21 ink and watercolour illustrations by artist Ella Johnston, the book explores themes of journey, exile and home, as well as ecology, the environment and ornithology. Contributors include cult author David Southwell, the RSPB’s Martin Harper, David Gange from the University of Birmingham, and the BTO’s Samantha Franks.

Buy The Migrant Waders from our online shop.

 Dunlin_Cover_final copy

Est: Collected reports from East Anglia 

‘Uniformly excellent, a genuine contribution to East Anglian life and landscape…
well-edited, well designed, and unbreakable’
Ken Worpole, author of The New English Landscape

‘Strange, reflective, memorable and odd as the region itself’
Libby Purves, Country Life

“Books like Est must be able to be written again by the next generation”
Caught By the River

A journey through the landscapes of East Anglia, Est is a unique collection of prose, poetry and reportage that spans the Wash to the Thames and the Fens to the German Sea. Contributors include the poet and musician Martin Newell, cult author David Southwell, artist Luke Elwes, naturalist Darren Tansley and poet Wendy Mulford. The texts merge psychogeography, social history, personal memoir and travel writing with discourses on local fable, art, archaeology and conservation. The collection explores the salt marshes and creeks, the sand and shingle beaches, the remains of Roman and Anglo-Saxon dwellings, the giant skies, interior geographies and, perhaps most of all, human histories, to paint an enigmatic picture of East Anglia today – while referencing more than 260 places in the region.

Buy Est from our online shop.

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