Dunlin Press

Dunlin Press is an independent publishing house based in the artistic community of Wivenhoe, Essex. Its focus is work that, for various reasons, might prove difficult to place with more established or commercial publishers. Dunlin Press publishes works of fiction and non-fiction, poetry, photo-essays, illustration and more.

Dunlin Press founders

Dunlin Press is operating as a not-for-profit enterprise and was founded by Martin Bewick and Ella Johnston in 2014.

MW Bewick is widely published as a journalist and editor, and is a writer of poetry and prose. He is editor and occasional photographer at Dunlin Press. He studied at the University of Essex, where he also taught, and his doctorate focused on working-class literatures and the work of author James Kelman. As a writer his focus is on explorations of place, memory, incompleteness and polyphonic evocations of experience.

Ella Johnston has worked as an editor across numerous magazines and websites, and is a practicing artist. She is editor and designer at Dunlin Press. Her artistic practice reflects a long-standing interest in nature, especially birdlife and wild flowers and plants. Her abstract work aims to depict landscape and space as a palimpsest, as she paints, draws scrapes and washes layers of inks, metallic elements and water over paper. Ella trained in art and the history of art at Chelsea College of Art and the University of Essex.

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