Dunlin Press is a self-funded enterprise, with each project paying for the production of the next. This makes us artistically free and not bound by commercial concerns. It also means that we choose our projects carefully and publish, on average, around a book a year. 

We see each of our projects as art documents and contemporary artefacts. With this in mind we like to go beyond the boundaries of book publishing with many of our projects incorporating music, installation, painting and film.  

We celebrate our books as special objects and like to bring something out of the ordinary to each one. We embrace and encourage experimental writing and are playful in our approach to each project.

You can see our full range of publications at our Big Cartel shop


‘Books like Est must be able to be written again by the next generation’  ‘Caught By The River ‘on Est, Collected Reports on East Anglia 

‘Uniformly excellent… well-edited, well designed, and unbreakable.’ Ken Worpole, author of The New English Landscape, on Est, Collected Reports on East Anglia

‘A rich mix of prose and reportage drizzled with a little poetry… an object of desire.’  ‘East Anglian Daily Times’, on The Migrant Waders 

‘Tinsel has written a valuable social document… Priced Out reads like a dispatch from a war zone. Which, in a way, it is.’ Martin Newell, ‘East Anglian Daily Times’ on Priced Out by Tinsel Edwards 

‘Dove sifts through the memories of her newly entwined coastal landscapes, performing a fragile marriage of landmasses.’ ‘Caught By The River’ on VLOED by Lucia Dove

‘Subtle, deeper, undercurrents of meaning articulately infuse this collection and the tonality of the poems across the whole sequence is pitch perfect.’ ‘London Grip’ on Lessons for An Apprentice Eel Catcher by Alex Toms. 

‘If I ever write anything half as good as Scarecrow or have something that lovely looking published, I’ll be bloody happy.’  David Southwell, author Hookland Guide on Scarecrow by MW Bewick

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