Est: the route ahead

Bridge at Cockaynes LO RES

It doesn’t seem a minute since the spring when we first imagined Dunlin Press into being as the daffodils were popping up in the garden. Since then we’ve defined and commissioned our first book, Est: Collected Reports from East Anglia, which we’re on track to publish once the chaos of the midwinter party season has blown over. It’s going to be great.

We’ve just about finished reading through all the submissions we’ve been sent and have just about finalised our selection, which means if you sent us something you’ll be hearing from us soon. It’s not easy making a final choice of texts from such a strong set of entries – although it’s a dilemma we’re happy to have. We received reportage, personal histories, fiction, poetry, photography… and the trick is find a balance between them all: to find the lines of enquiry that run through the pieces so that we can really explore this historic and magical region.

What we do know is that we have pieces that take us from the Wash to the Thames and from the Fens to the German Sea – physical geographies that closely relate to the uncovering of spaces that are personal, historical and sometimes imagined. 

On a practical note (for those of you with an interest in design and print) we’ve also chosen our fonts, set our our page templates, got a v1 of a book cover and also decided on our preferred printer and distributor. It’s really happening! Did we say it’s going to be great?

More news soon…

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