Poetry in Aldeburgh


It’s time for Poetry in Aldeburgh 2016 – and we’re delighted to say that Dunlin Press authors Elaine Ewart, Pam Job, Antony Johae and Rosie Sandler will all be reading at the festival.

Events take place across the weekend at the Jubilee Hall, Peter Pears Gallery and The Lookout. If you’re attending, make sure you drop in on the lovely Aldeburgh Bookshop, where copies of Est: Collected Reports from East Anglia, and The Migrant Waders are on sale – featuring words from the poets above, plus writing from authors across the UK.

A special mention to a few other Aldeburgh paricipants who we’ve had the pleasure of running into over the past few years – all contributing to the region’s many and varied poetry platforms:

Emily Berry – we don’t tire of her first collection with Faber. Kayo Chingonyi – read at Poetry Wivenhoe last year; an eloquent, often spellbinding reader. Poetry By Heart – Dunlin editor MW Bewick has judged a few rounds of this competition to get young people excited about reading poetry; its rewards are many. Suffolk Poetry Society – jam-packed with talent. Colchester Poetry Group/Mosaic – you want some? They’ve got it. Poetry, that is. And finally, the amazing Poetry Wivenhoe – readings from a group that’s like a magnet for some of Britain’s best and brightest names in poetry.

Find out more at the Poetry in Aldeburgh website.

Enjoy the weekend!



One response to “Poetry in Aldeburgh”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! What a great weekend it was.

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