New poetry: Scarecrow, by MW Bewick

MW Bewick Scarecrow

We are so pleased that we’re finally publishing Scarecrow, by MW Bewick, next week, Friday 17 March. The book will be launched in Wivenhoe, Essex, at The Wivenhoe Bookshop, at 6.30pm for 7pm.

This debut collection of poems from MW Bewick transfigures contemporary landscapes of the city and the countryside in an unsettling flux of fractured narrative time and atomised human agency.

Here, a panorama of gleaming towers and blood-red cranes mirrors another of overgrown flora and shorelines collapsing into the sea. At the book’s heart is the figure of the scarecrow – a monad, feet cemented, ragged legs flailing, unable – or unwilling – to act as the world rushes by.

At turns wistful, angry, and touched with remorse, this inventive and thought-provoking volume brings together registers of folk, baroque and the surreal to confront a 21st-century sense of existential crisis.

About the author

MW Bewick is writer of poetry and fiction, and the co-founder of  Dunlin Press. He lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, with his wife, the artist and illustrator Ella Johnston. He is an organiser at Poetry Wivenhoe, where he regularly reads.

Scarecrow is his first full collection of poetry. His writing can also be found in Dunlin Press’s The Migrant Waders and Est: Collected Reports from East Anglia.

He has previously worked as literary manager of the Blue Elephant Theatre, London, and as a singer and songwriter he released a self-titled EP and 7-inch single on Hard Graft records, as well as an EP with Acertone. He works, and is widely published, as a journalist.

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