New handmade book: ‘Out-siders/’

Outsiders Dunlin Press handmade chapbook

‘pioneers / as plants
/ even to relate /
memory as resist-
ance / points the
compass / cease /
human-initiated /
currents /’

Out-siders/, a handmade chapbook, is the latest work to be published by Dunlin Press. The limited edition concertina-format pamphlet, printed on textured gesso and archival papers, is a continued exploration of the liminal spaces, waste ground, brownfield and edgeland flora that we surveyed in last year’s book, The Orphaned Spaces.

The A7 concertina format is, in effect, reversible, and its full title is Out-siders/ Hybrid / Province.

Reverse of Outsiders, handmade chapbook from Dunlin Press

With words and images from Ella Johnston and MW Bewick, Out-siders features remnant text, as well as landscape and ikebana-inspired photography, from the places and flora that we encountered through our continued research into orphaned spaces. Outsiders is in some ways a seasonal update, or perhaps an overspill or a further iteration of an original impulse. 

Words and images by Ella Johnston and MW Bewick

Let’s take a brief step back. That initial impulse for The Orphaned Spaces was to create a small, handmade and deconstructed work of words and images. As the ‘waste ground’ project grew, however, so did the size of that book. The Orphaned Spaces was published in summer 2018 as a paperback and as a limited edition, made-to-order box set. We still, however, had words and images left over, and were continuing to collect more. Out-siders/ is a small, creative, and experimental outlet for those ruderal gatherings.

Words and images by Ella Johnston and MW Bewick

This summer, while we work through our next large project, Port, for an autumn publication, it has been wonderful to be able to return to the craft of making pamphlets by hand.

Words and images by Ella Johnston and MW Bewick

As Out-siders/ is intended as an interstitial project, a limited number of only 20 chapbooks are available.

Words and images by Ella Johnston and MW Bewick

Each has been been printed and made by hand here at the Dunlin Press studio.

Words and images by MW Bewick and Ella Johnston

Out-siders/ can be purchased exclusively from the Dunlin Press shop.

Words and photography by Ella Johnston and MW Bewick

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